Tuesday 20 August 2013

D20 Icons - The Beholder

Each week I'll be taking a crack at converting some of the most iconic d20 monsters that, for one reason or another didn't appear in the awesome 13th Age Core rulebook. This week everyone favourite megalomaniac - the Beholder.

Level 6 (Triple Strength Large Aberrant Magical Beast
Init: +9
HP: 250  AC: 21  PD: 18 MD: 20

Bite : +11 vs AC - 55 damage.

Miss : 22 damage

Central Eye : (once per round as a quick action) 
+11 vs. MD - The target is Stunned save ends. 

Eye Stalks : (2 attacks from the following list, attacks do not provoke attacks of opportunity and can only be made against nearby creatures)

Roll a d10 or choose:

Charm Ray: +11 vs. MD - The target is Confused (save ends)
Wounding Ray: +11 vs. PD - 63 damage, Miss: 31 damage
Sleep Ray:  +11 vs. MD - The target is Stuck (save ends) First failed save, the target is Helpless (save ends)
Telekinesis Ray:  +11 vs. PD - The beholder forces the target to move as a free action.
Slowing Ray:  +11 vs. PD - 40 damage and the target is Stuck (save ends) 
Brilliant Ray:  +11 vs. PD - 23 damage and the target is Hampered. (save ends
Terror Ray:  +11 vs. MD - 23 damage and the target is affected by Fear (save ends)
Petrifying Ray:  +11 vs. PD - The target begins taking last gasp saves as it turns to stone.
Death Ray:  +11 vs. PD - 36 damage, if the target is staggered they are also Stunned. The target also starts making last gasp saves as they begin to die!
Disintegrate Ray: +11 vs. PD - 40 damage and 20 ongoing damage.

Sudden realisation of the concept of mortality: When first staggered the Beholder uses its Eye Stalks, but with 3 attacks as a reaction. Every time the Beholder uses its Eye Stalks and is staggered it makes 3 attacks instead of 2.

Aim for the eyes!: When an attack hits the Beholder, if the roll is a natural 18-20 choose one Eye stalk attack randomly, the Beholder cannot use this attack for the remainder of the battle.

Nastier Specials
How dare you approach me worm!: If an enemy creature begins its turn nearby the Beholder, the Beholder uses 1 Eye Stalk attack against it as a free action.

The beholder is a real nasty chap, much like dragons in the core book he has the real potential to destroy a party, so i'd let them know how serious the battle is and definitely give them the option to retreat (at a cost of course!)

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