Tuesday 24 September 2013

Roll20 Paizo Pawn Style Tokens

I've been playing on Roll20 recently with the awesome +Ade Sant and company, so naturaly my brain got thinking how I could create cool looking stuff for it. A bit of 3d Software and some Photoshopping plus an hour or two I came up with these:

I've made it so its a template setup, all you need to do is a quick google image search for the creature/npc you're looking for and insert it into a layer and boom, you're done. As always if there's interest i'll share the Photoshop file, but wont be able to share the art shown above - but a quick google search will do that for you.

Here they are 'in action' on Roll20 :

Im aware i've only got medium sized creatures here, i'll knock up a large variant tomorrow if I get time.

The only issue is when moving tokens infront/behind each other you might sometimes needs to send them to the front or back through a quick right click, but they do look good in play so I guess its down to you if you're willing to put up with it.

Anyways Happy gaming all.

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