Thursday 26 June 2014

ICON issue 2 and reorganising the blogs.

Hi internets. Whats happening, its been a while?

Couple of things I want to talk about - mostly ICON related.  First up, ICON is almost ready, i'm finalising the page order, I'll have a pdf available at the Vault early next week. DriveThru Rpg will follow shortly. I know some people have probably been wondering where their articles got to so i thought i'd get that one out there first.

The first issue went really well, there was a lot of hype behind it, i've definitely taken a more relaxed approach to the project - in that i had treated it very much like a traditional magazine, with a strict schedule. I've learned that this possibly isn't the best way forward, i've always wanted to ensure quality - and its better I give each issue the correct time it deserves to be finished to a high standard, both in terms of production and article submissions. So from now on its ready, when its ready.

I've taken the ICON blog offline too, I was finding myself stretched between this site and there, more sense to roll it into one and make this the official home of the 'zine.

I'll let you know when ICON Issue 2 drops.

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