Wednesday, 8 March 2017

TBH Rules Dev - Armor, Shields

Currently Armor is damage reduction through a pool of additional 'fake' HP called ArmorPoints. There are various semi-official ways of doing it differently out there - Additional Things has some. But I've always been uncomfortable with Armor Points. They don't play existing OSR content well, there's a barrier to conversion and playability. I pride myself on TBH being able handle anything you throw at it -- Just look at the sea of genre hacks! Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Horror, Cats. TBH does it all with ease -- but having to convert armor types for stuff blows.

In this hack I've kept Armor Points, but they function slightly differently -- as does the Warriors Shield Sunder. Big shout goes to +Mike Evans

  • Each Armor Point can be spent to ignore the damage of an attack
  • If you don't or can't spend an AP, you take damage/go OofA normally.
  • When you rest, roll a 'save' .. 1d6 for each Armor point, Each type has its save value. When you roll the save you regain the use of the AP.
  • When a piece of armor has no more AP - it is destroyed/damaged beyond usefulness.
  • Armor is available in 3 types, Light, Moderate, Heavy.

Lightly Armored - 1AP (save 2+)
Moderately Armored - 3AP (save 3+)
Heavily Armored - 5AP (save 4+)
Shield - 1AP (save 2+)

Shield Sunder is now Shield Bash

Shield Bash
When you are attacked in melee combat and your roll to defend is 1-5, the attacker takes damage equal to your level.


I like this system because it removes an unnecessary level of bean counting. If you're using armor to reduce damage, just reduce it all. We don't need a usage die - armor degrades over time as you fail its saves. It works well with monsters from existing modules and sources, just a judgement call on how well armored something is. Goblin. Lighly if at all. Black Dragon .. Heavily armored. Simple. I also like the new Shield Bash adds an extra things for a player to do reactively, thats always a win.

Feed me back.


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