Wednesday 10 February 2016

The Black Hack - Kickstarting Now

It suddenly occurred to me that I haven't posted to my blog since 'The Black Hack' kickstarter went live - and I know most people who read this will have seen me pimping the living shit out of TBH on G+, but you know, there might still be someone who hasn't seen it yet.


The Black Hack is an 'OSR' retro-clone, based on OD&D. Oh great another retro clone I hear every groan in unison. Yeah, thats right - another one. But this one is a bit different, in fact its arguably the simples of all the clones. Here's some of the thing what it does, like.

  • Characters take 5 minutes to roll. You'll be back in a pit trap in no time.
  • The rules fit into a 22 page Digest sized booklet, table reading is important and the rules are straightforward and elegant.
  • Players roll the dice, the GM will only ever roll some damage (if they want to, that is)
  • 4 classes Warrior, Wizard, Thief, Cleric
  • Races dont have rules, being an elf is cool enough! (but someones already homebrewed that)
  • AC is damage reduction, a small amount of soak, assuming your character is well rested.
  • There's 40 monsters in the book.
  • The character sheet has a backpack to write all your loot on.
  • We're already funded, and we've hit our first 2 stretch goals, the next ones not far off either.
  • I made made it and therefore, by logical extension, it must be pretty good.
If you feel like throwing me a couple of quid (the same price as a starbucks you don't need) heres the KS link:

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