Monday 20 January 2014

My Exploits

Happy belated New Year, I'v been a tad busy either side of the festive holidays - family, work and moving house have all taken my time up. I've been kept busy with all that, my regular gaming group and the OSR hack i've been slowly putting together over the last couple of months.

Im still looking for a good name, but i'm close to finalising a draft - with a view to get a decent copy writer (my ideas are good but I'm not the best suited towards writing clear and succinct rules needed for gaming) I've got some art too, luckily knowing some illustrators from my line of day to day. So I'm hoping for a really tight nicely crafted book.

If you want a hint of what it plays like think 1 Part S&W and 1 part 13th Age, Its got nothing revolutionary in there - but its based off the rules that we've been using at my table for some time now, so im happy that its solid and working - and we've been wanting to get out systems written down for a while.

Anyways, more on that later - till next time

Happy Gaming