Thursday 6 November 2014

My D&D 5e Morale System 2.0

I wrote a Morale system that seems to be getting a fair amount of traffic and i've had a chance to test it at the table, played some internet games with it, and some meatspace games too. I hate it. It's shit.

There's too much of a pause in my brain, having to think about assigning a DC, based on the motivations of the Random Orc #4 my players are merrily cleaving through - fuck it. So. Back to the drawing board, here's my ultra-lightweight 5e Morale System:

Its built upon the same core idea as the last one, but instead of assigning a DC based on the morale of the combatant, its based on their important to my game.

DC6 = Villain/Major Badguy
DC11 = Lieutenant/Underboss
DC16 = Mook/Hireling

This way there's almost no conscious thought about what DC to use, I already know how important someone is, and crucially whether it really matters if they are putting up a fight and getting 'screen-time'.

Furthermore, i'm scrapping any stat bonus to the roll. Just a raw d20. It will still give a nice curve of randomness, and it's another modifier that I don't have to flip through shit to get to. Maybe you could give your BBEG advantage on the roll, or let players intimidate and roleplay to give them disadvantage too?

I'll give this a test in tonights Roll20 game, hopefully we wont see v3.0

Monday 3 November 2014

Where Adventure's At

All the fantasy films I used to watch as a kid involved a journey, usually long and with some mild peril (unless its 'Water-ship Down' then its not mild peril, its childhood scarring fuck-uppery) It seems to make good sense, the reason the journey was long, and perilous - is that the location itself is hard to find or get to. Duh.

So heres a generator to find out where "that thing the heroes need to get to" is. I've called it, as the post title suggests - Where Adventures At.

Click here to find out 'Where Adventure's At'