Wednesday 16 January 2013

D&D Maps (Mike Schley Style)

I recently spent some time re-creating a Photoshop template based upon the awesome work of Mike Schley (whose work you might recognise from WotC D&D line, my current RPG of choice) in fact it borrows very heavily from his work and I really cant take any credit for its style.

The purpose of this template is to allow me to create some awesome looking maps with minimal effort, that sync very nicely with any player hand-outs I might have from official or sanctioned D&D products.

For those of you interested, and have some PS knowledge the whole things works via a series of masks, all you have to do is paint on these mask for the various elements (grass, hill, houses and dirt etc) appear - and then finish off with some custom brushes I've created. At some stage i'll upload the .psd and an accompanying tutorial video.

Until then i'll post some maps i've made with it - like the foreboding Skull Forest below, I knocked this up in literally 10 minutes using the trackpad on my laptop, and while its far from the most exciting map ever it certainly testifies to the quality level the template can produce

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