Tuesday 25 February 2014

Game Notes - Syri

In these posts I'll explore various people, places and information I've had need of preparing for my homebrew campaign, one that takes place on the RimWorld a partially group built setting. Im doing for my own reference, but feel free to use it as you like.


Total pop: 2051
Humans: 1231
Elves: 410
Half Elves: 205
Dwarves: 98
Halflings: 108
Full Time Guards: 21
Clergy: 26

Inns: Babes Roost, Markeeve's Place
Taprooms: Dead Harpy, Clever Wanderer, Greedy Demon, Emperors Arms.

Key features

  • Partial foundations on a rock outcropping by the banks of the Jade river.
  • Protected against the encroaching shifting sands. 
  • Historically important for trade with a levy on all boats travelling through, thriving market.
  • Provides Stone from local quarries, used in all major Empire building works.
  • Fully manned garrison and centre of local security.

Iconic Heralds

High Druid - Sinir Il-Ithellen Chief among the Krao
Emperor - Baron Obo Morrog,
Orc Lord - Ugrosh the Exile
Priestess - High Cleric Estlin Amberhand
Liche King - Amyr Hajan, member of the Gilded Brotherhood

Rumors and Events

  • A lost grove in the Feywild holds clues to the path to the Crown.
  • Prominent members of the Krao are detained under strict blasphemy charges.
  • Baron Obo succumbs to a fit of madness.
  • A member of the White Hearts makes an attempt on the Barons life.
  • The savage hill tribes broker a cease in hostilities with each other.
  • The shaman Gro'Vaak attempts to travel through the Feywild
  • An agitator seeks to stir up religious hatred 
  • A few members of the clergy are revealed to be corrupt.
  • A powerful member of the Gilded Brotherhood receives possession of an Armoured Arm.
  • The shifting sands begin washing up ancient relics.

In Town Today

  • 35 Mercenaries and Captain.
  • Travelling Minstrels and Poets.
  • Members of the Secret Police.
  • A gang of hardline religious dissidents.
  • Striking angry workers.
  • A band of child pickpockets
  • Mimes.
  • Duelling Aristocracy.
  • Exotic trade goods from the South.
  • Travelling Slavers.
  • A Bronze Dragon and a wizard.

Visual Inspiration

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