Monday 20 October 2014

66 Weird Folk for your game

Here are a whole bunch of character traits, designed for NPC's in a dark yet quirky and humorous tone game.
  1. A pig nosed local, mind twisted - opposes any and all change.
  2. Well mannered civil servant. Parents are Psychopaths.
  3. A perfectly normal gentleman, just escaped forced captivity - dressed in grass skirt.
  4. Short and Gaudy, obsessed with toads.
  5. Bright rosy cheeks and underbite, has OCD.
  6. Has a twin sister, they know a secret about everyone in town.
  7. Well meaning simpleton - wants to be a fireman.
  8. Condescending and contemptuous social worker, obsessed with quills.
  9. Brow beaten intellectual with depression. Actually a secret agent.
  10. Prone to fits of black rage - his best friend slept with his ex-wife, his boss is now married to her.
  11. His wife hates him - but he loves her. He also fancies Liam.
  12. Pious and Cynical, takes perverse pleasure in humiliating people.
  13. Incredibly old and rude - obsessed with bags.
  14. Scruffy and unkempt connoisseur of plays - wont watch anything with less than 37 killings.
  15. Disturbing Salesman with numerous 'wives' - fingers always covered with mud.
  16. Closeted priest - Wife is a vampire.
  17. Charming Troupe actor, has been plucked for stardom - Is having same sex relationship with boss.
  18. Aspiring mummer - cannot deliver any line without fucking up.
  19. Is renowned doctor, wont treat anyone unless they play boardgames at his house.
  20. Sweet, hapless widow(er) - pathologically incapable of political correctness, despite best efforts.
  21. The inappropriate mortician.
  22. Obese debt collector - childish and in constant need of food.
  23. Young man - prone to stealing, takes his job far too seriously.
  24. Old and mad - runs a zoo with a pig, goat and a chimp.
  25. Backstreet butcher - his produce gives amongst other effects, nosebleeds.
  26. Unlucky and lonely - able to predict misfortune, yet never avoid it.
  27. Thinks every situation, no matter how serious - can be solved by getting a pint.
  28. Withered bore, claims to have performed every profession mentioned to him.
  29. A doppleganger stuck in the role of a vintage mummer - jokes are awful, the audience love him.
  30. Interfering know-it-all tavern drunkard, can never win a bet.
  31. Ageing and feckless - extremely bad cough.
  32. Youthful and vibrant, declares everything to be 'brilliant' or 'fantastic'.
  33. Believes even the most mundane objects to be magical.
  34. Deaf daredevil - always gets instruction wrong.
  35. Claims to be incurable kleptomaniac - people think he's joking.
  36. Unfunny and irritating - changed their name because it rhymed with a rude word.
  37. Unnecessarily competitive - especially with his children.
  38. Despite rough demeanour and lavish lifestyle, is improbably concerned about saving the planet.
  39. Personality is serious and overbearing - changes to soppy and giggly when dealing with opposite sex.
  40. High-bred idiot - concerned about his reputation despite incessant galavanting.
  41. Fat, sweaty copper.
  42. Every idea they have will be roundly ignored - only to be re-presented favourably by someone else.
  43. Prone to faux-pas, cannot find coat.
  44. Claims not to be pissed, clearly steaming.
  45. Will ask any for their opinion on how they look - overly concerned about the size of their bum.
  46. Will only eat one thing - this thing changes weekly.
  47. Soft gentle artist - will fall into a dramatic fit of despair at the mention of the word 'black'
  48. Keen observer of mens fashion, will bombard people with sexual innuendo. 
  49. Pretentious and Laid back - listens to experimental and avant-garde music.
  50. Starts every insult with 'No offense' - looks like a dried up orange.
  51. A teenage parent - wont tell anyone who the father/mother is.
  52. Tells far-fetched stories and benefits from great luck and success - doesn't seem to truly understand the gravity of said events.
  53. High confidence and self esteem - utterly useless.
  54. Speech is utterly inherent except for choice words or phrases. Very, very drunk.
  55. Smug battleaxe - berates spouse for embarrassing behaviour.
  56. Proclaims everything to be 'rubbish'. Except for ageing troubadour called Les.
  57. Smarmy salesman - compares everything to the art of lovemaking.
  58. Passes comment about every thing - regardless of personal or sensitive nature.
  59. Cannot follow instructions - will attempt something 'even better'.
  60. Answers all questions like a politician on damage-control mode.
  61. Jubilant yet emotionally imbalanced - loves tales of cruelty.
  62. Vampire who sneaks into peoples houses to give them betting advice.
  63. Ardent football fan - knows nothing about the game.
  64. Constantly running from one destination to another whilst shouting 'Run!' 'Come on!'
  65. Perpetually engaged in lude and graphic behaviour - unaware of social discomfort this causes.
  66. Inept - perpetually disgusted with every facet of their life, rendering them useless.
: More on running NPC's here, and more about creating them here and here :

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