Wednesday 28 October 2015


So a while back I posted about a simple 3 die (one page paragraph) RPG system. Read it here. So i've got another one - it's a little bit longer, but whatev's yo'.

Each character has 3d20, one for Body, Mind and Soul. These are Effort die. Players roll these die to to complete tasks, they need to roll a 4 or higher to succeed at any task - but if they do succeed they lose that die. A player can 'split' the d20's up, turning them into 2d10 or a d12 and a d8. Whatever combination of d4's to d12's they can - and they can 'reform' die together whenever too. Some tasks have an minimum level of effort, requiring a minimum Effort die to be rolled to accomplish the task, for example a d6 or a d20. Tools give you an advantage, increasing any Effort die to the next highest one d8 to a d10 for example. When you run out Effort die in any area you can no longer contribute to the adventuring until you have rested.

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