Sunday 24 July 2016

The boys first dungeon

Benefits of having offspring is you get to experience cool moments where they show an interest in your hobbies. My hobby is d&d. What follows is the boy's (age 6) first dungeon. I consider it to be equal parts weird, familiar and interesting. I think ill run some players through it. Maybe add some 'filler black rooms' - plus yeah yeah, I get blank rooms don't need to be filler (all killer amirite?)

Room Contents:

1. Goblin Shark (Head of shark, body of Goblin)
2. Psycho Cyclops.
3. Creepy lab, Skeleton, liquid with label 'Toxic', if drank gain a level.
4. Cyborg Skeleton - teleportation, mind control, lazor eyes.
5. Bunch of Bats - Machine converts toxic waste to healing potions.
6. Another lab - more skeletons, sword that traps souls.
7. 12 chests - 6 trapped: Laval pit, Arrows, Scared to Death, Killed by darkness, Anvil falls on you, Virus Kills you.
8. Yellow orb - reach in? flip a coin, Heads: Ghost Wolf appears. Tails: Nightmare spawns.
9. No door, just a purple portal. (wait that's it?? shouldn't there be more? No. Apparently not)
10. Ghosts with some abstract medieval contraption that's basically a hoover. There was a picture but just trust me. 
11. Robot room - bear with hat.
12. Misty Room with chest guarded by octopus.

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