Wednesday 28 December 2016

The Black Hack : The Beastmaster Class

Starting HP : 4 + d6
HP Per Level/Resting : 1d6
Weapons & Armor : Anything that doesn't use metal.
Attack Damage : 1d8

Special Features
Super Beast
When you create a Beastmaster choose a beast that will fight and adventure alongside them. Good choices would be something like a Bear, Lion, Giant Snake, Mega Eagle and to a lesser extent the Rabbit of Caerbannog (google it, if you don't know) 

This will be the creatures 'preferred form' however it can change into another animal, for a number of Moments equal to the Beastmasters Level, before turning back. The Beast can do all the normal things you would expect a creature of that type to do - fly, climb, swim etc.

Shared Existence
The Beastmasters and his beast are the same thing, both are physical incarnations of the same spirit. They share the same Attributes, HP and any negative effects. If one is taken Out of Action, so is the other. Both the Beastmaster and their Beast can move during a turn, but they can only take one action - and must choose who takes it.

Wild Nature
As the Beastmaster adventures and shares time with their Beast, they will eventually take on aspects of its nature - that influence both the Beasts' and their own abilities. At Levels 3, 5, 7, 10 choose one of the following, you cannot choose something you have chosen previously:

  • Aspect of Flight, gain Advantage on checks to avoid falling damage and jumping/clearing distances.
  • Aspect of Vision, gain Advantage on checks to see something.
  • Aspect of Nimbleness, gain Advantage on checks to manipulate small intricate things.
  • Aspect of Speed, gain Advantage on Initiative checks.
  • Aspect of Strength, once per session gain +2 STR for the duration of a combat.
  • Aspect of Agility, once per session gain +2 DEX for the duration of a combat. 
  • Aspect of Ferocity, once per combat deal half damage when you would have missed with an attack.
  • Aspect of Cunning, once per combat take half damage when you would been hit with an attack.
(NB this list isn't extensive, nor complete, GM's and Players should probably come up with their own - use these as a guide to how far reaching the mechanical effects should be. ALSO if you do come up with some, let me know)

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