Sunday 21 July 2013

4e Map Template

Way back at the beginning of the year I posted a screenshot of a map template I had been working on, one that borrowed very heavily from Mike Schley and the amazing maps he's been creating for a while for WoTC's 4e Dungeons and Dragons (a system close to my heart)

Having joined Google+ recently this has prompted me to perform a bit of necromancy on the template, and after a bit of interest in some of the communities i'm happy to post it here for you to download.

It requires Photoshop CS5+, if i can and have time i'll think about doing a backwards compatible version for CS3 or something - unfortunately I've got no plans for any other program at this stage (such as Gimp etc)

A couple of things first however, I hate to be that guy but I do have to add a caveat and ask anyone downloading to template that they don't use it for any commercial purposes. This is strictly for home use, firstly because i'm hazy on any copyright issues regarding WoTC and Mike and secondly I already know i'm ripping someone's style off and whilst thats (kinda) fine for home use its most definitely not if you want to make money from it.

By downloading it you agree to not distribute the file itself, only point people here - and to use it for non-commercial purposes only.

I''d really really love to see anything you guys come up with, so send me some screenshot of your maps!

Download the template here

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