Tuesday 9 July 2013

D20 Icons - Mind Flayer

Each week i'll be taking a crack at converting some of the most iconic d20 monsters that, for one reason or another didn't appear in the awesome 13th Age Core rulebook. This week - the Mind Flayer!

  Mind Flayer
  Level 6 Controller (Humanoid)
  Init: +11
  HP: 82  AC: 22  PD: 18  MD: 20

  Tentacles: +11 vs AC, 21 damage
  Hit: The target is Grabbed

  Enthral Brain: +11 vs MD, 38 damage
  The target must be grabbed by the Mind Flayer  
  Hit 16+: The target is Confused

  Mind Blast: +11 vs MD (1d4 nearby enemies)
  14 damage
  Hit Even: The target is Vulnerable

Psychic Feedback: When an enemy deals damage to a nearby ally, this damage is shared between a nearby enemy, once per battle per enemy.

TelepathicA mind flayer can communicate with all nearby creatures capable of sentient thought via telepathy, likewise it can also sense thoughts of nearby creatures.

Elder BrainEvery Mind Flayer is connected telepathically to the Elder Brain.


Whilst Mind Flayers generally serve their own ends, they will often strike short lived alliances with servants of several of the Villainous icons - as long as they think they have something to gain. Often the Diabolist and even the Prince of Shadows will attempt to manipulate an isolated Mind Flayer sect into believing they have the upper hand, whilst all the time dancing to their tune.

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