Sunday 23 March 2014

A 13th Age Fanzine..

So recently on G+ a conversation was had about creating a community driven fanzine for the indie RPG 13th Age. The purpose of this blog post is to act a public announcement and launching point for the Fanzine, and a place to link to through to for forums, social media and threads

So heres a quick outline of where the project is at:

I'll be acting primarily as a producer/editor and content creation where necessary. Because of my day job (Creative Designer) I'm in a good position to be able to A) create an approach to the project that will keep it sustainable and B) pull together the final product with pay layouts, art and distribution etc.

Here's what I'm thinking at the moment :

  • Will publish monthly at first, then looking to change based on it production schedule and demand.
  • Community contribution, articles should be written by the 13A community and readership of the 'zine.
  • Content guidelines should be broad, cover a lot of different stuff as long as the ideas are good.
A let me add, this isn't set in stone - one of the purposes of this post is to get people involved and have an opinion - it would be great to get something started that drives itself with people reading and submitting content, producing a 'creative conversation' - akin to the old HP Lovecraft letter writing buddies, but in a platform thats accessible to anyone.

So what do we need? A Name and Content, the first one already has a popular suggestion, The 13th Sage. I like the fact that the name can become a character in itself - like the White Dwarf, and of course there's a terrible pun in there. Depends on how you look at it.

Content relies to an extent on submissions and request from the community. So please get in touch if either you want to write something or want something written. I'll be on hand to create some stuff, however I won't be creating all the content because otherwise it would be no more than what I already do with this blog, I want everyone to get involved where they can.

: If you want to submit content, please fire me an email : :

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