Thursday 13 March 2014

Erull Partha Bann

Earlier in the week +Rob Bush wrote :
So, at the end of the Crown of the Lich King adventure, my players kind-of-sort-of killed the Elf Queen, and were arrested in a cliffhangery ending....we'll be coming back to pick up with these characters in a few weeks, and I'll be starting with them languishing in the late Elf Queen's dungeons.So, what do the dungeons of the Elven Court look like to you?
 I tried to come up with something a little bit different (I was thinking of Han Solo's Carbonite at the time) and came up with the following, Its stuck with me so I'm posting here so I can come back to it at a later date if I choose.

Erull Partha Bann

All the Elf queens prisoners are kept in the "Erull Partha Bann" (literal translation - garden of castigation). Each prisoner is forced to drink a admixture containing the tears of the Elf Queen, doing so puts the drinker in both a deep, unending slumber and inflicts almost unbearable pain upon them.

There are methods of escape from the garden but only through hidden passageways contained in the mind of the warden, a fey being tasked with keeping the prison.

After prolonged periods of time in the garden the minds and personalities of its inhabitants begin to corrode, becoming warped and strange. Several factions of prisoners have wrestled control of various areas away from the warden, their corrupting influence has begin to shape the garden into reflections of their inter turmoil.

Agents of the Elf Queen are actively seeking a solution to this problem, for if the corruption spreads much further there is a chance the warden himself may become corrupted, and in turn spread to other Fey beings.

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