Tuesday 23 June 2015

Acting High

Lingering in my brain pan is +Rafael Chandler 's #Narcosa. A game where people get really high, should offer some unusual roleplaying opportunities. Im not talking about fairly obvious stoner cliche's either. When I think about people being really high on drugs the thing that stands out for me is how infuriatingly hilarious it is to communicate with them.

Without taking shit-loads of ketamine the easiest way to put up that wall of obfuscation is by forcing a player to modify their speech pattern. It would be too easy to let them choose their own gibberish, plus theres a good opportunity to make this a fun distraction.

Buy/Steal/Make some children phonetic 'sound shape' cards like the image below

Then whenever your players finds themselves ingesting a quantity of drugs (or possibly other consumables) have them make a constitution save, or save v poison or somesuch. If they pass they're fine, if not deal them 9 cards - they can only say (I mean in the very literal sense, not just character talk) whats on those cards until they pass a constitution check, they can make one a turn. If they break the rules, they'll lose a HP for every infraction.

Of course every good drug/poison has an antidote or an upper to the downer, so should your drugs - make available in the world a solution, as whilst it might be amusing for a turn or two - I imagine players getting pissed off if this is used too frequently.

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