Saturday 27 June 2015


Here's a thing what I made, plus some rules on Encumbrance. Buckle up, shits about to get cray-cray.

Gameable Encumbrance. Works with any system. Do the following.

Weight is now abstractified (real word?) for the purposes of quicker gaming, less math and more dungeon. Every item in the world has a base weight of '1' - This represent not just its weight, but also how easy it is to carry, and cumulative effect of carrying lots of shit.

For example plastic spoons don't weigh much, if you try to carry five thousand of them with nothing to put them in, you're pretty fucked.

Every time you pick something up, write its name in one of the boxes in the pack. You can carry upto your Strength stat in items.  If you carry more that your STR you encumbered and every d20 roll you make is at Disadvantage. Some items can have certain qualities that make them harder to carry taking up 2 or more (or less) slots:
  • Fragile – Items that are prone to breaking, or prone to damage must be carried with more care. (+2)
  • Long – Objects longer than 5ft in any dimension. (+2)
  • Cumbersome – Things that are shaped in ungainly or awkward ways, they are difficult to store or handle. (+2)
  • Heavy – Objects that despite their size require greater effort to move. (+3)
  • Lightweight – The item is designed differently than normal to be light, or uses unusual/special materials (-1)
  • Ergonomic – The item has been crafted to be easy to hold or carry, its weights is thoughtfully distributed and is comfortable. (-1)
A purse of 100 coins weigh 1, a strongbox or chest is need for higher sums - they tend to be Heavy and or Cumbersome. No item drops below its base weight of 1. 

These are all WIP rules, i've not had a huge amount of meatspace gaming to test these out - if you've got anything to add, let me know.

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