Sunday 5 July 2015

Roll Below, yeah?

Like almost everyone and their nan in the DIY d&d scene, I've had a ruleset on the stove, bubbling away for some time now. I've been a little quiet with work, not meatspace gaming as much as i'd like and my PS4 has started to suck less and less of my time away - so I decided to begin the process of collecting all the various rules, hacks and add-ons that make our system tick.

I've dubbed it 'Roll-Below'. Its based on a bunch of stuff we've played over the years, plus its been in interested opportunity to scrap the shit we don't like and create something specifically for us, i've bullet pointed a sort of patch-note below for the major changes.

  • DC's and target numbers are gone (Im fucking lazy and stoned so less thinky the better). If you want to perform an action or do something, you roll a d20 and try to get it under your attribute. Under is a success, on or over a failure. 
  • HP are gone, everyone has one wound. Lose that wound and you have to roll on a serious Injury Table, assuming your Party survives or recovers you. (How many times can an ogre stab you in face before you decide enough is enough?)
  • When you attempt to wound someone with an attack, you make an attack Roll, they also make a Defence roll - different shit happens depending on whats rolled. (Combat is an exchange)
  • AC is gone, Armor is now damage reduction and provides advantage when defending against certain type of attacks. (Your armor doesn't stop you being hit, its stops you breaking out in sucking chest wounds)
  • Every weapon/shield has a 'unique attribute' that makes them effective in certain situations. (everyone likes shopping choices)
  • Classes are Warrior, Wizard, Thief Elf, Dwarf. (OSR roolz)
Its developed to be less a set of house rules, more a new system. I've also put some hours into making it fairly compatible with existing content for other rules-sets. Stuff doesn't directly convert into the system but i've got some good tools letting you run content without needing stats. For a long time i've been generating stuff at the table so thats really just a natural evolution of that habit.

With all the new stuff, were still playtesting. But its all pretty solid. I might make an open call for people to check it out over Roll20, get some wider thoughts and feedback - Give me a shout if that sounds like something that would float your boat.

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