Monday 20 July 2015

Some things Witch.

  1. Every night a witch transformed into a beautiful black horse visits a virgin girl, she is hypnotising her, making secretly and slowly poison her father.
  2. A witch has lost her giant son, and is looking for people to help her find him.
  3. A witch travels the country side carving deep runes and markings into stones with her finger.
  4. The head of a beheaded witch will repair if rubbed with salt then covered in soil dug under a full moon.
  5. Fishermen know the location of a witch who will sail to the bottom of the ocean for a fee.
  6. A witch asks passers-by to remove a four leaf clover under her chair, she cannot get up whilst it is there, and was tricked into sitting down.
  7. A midwife is a witch maintains perpetual youth by sucking blood from the navals of infants - not killing them so never discovered.
  8. A witch transform her lovers into small woodland animals.
  9. A witch's curse causes a young ruffian to mew like a kitten an neigh like a horse.
  10. A witch terrorises a group of spinning lady's for being lazy, by hexing them with warts and grey hair.

art by thomas evers

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