Sunday 26 July 2015


  1. The gang members identify themselves by tattooing their little finger on the right hand completely black.
  2. When in their territory the gang lookouts use bird calls to identify police and enemy gang members, these change frequently.
  3. The gangs headquarters is in another district, and they use black birds baked in pies as message runners.
  4. The majority of money the gang makes through the sale of white lotus is funnelled into political donations through a series of front businesses.
  5. The gang is run by two brothers, one of which is attempting to establish himself in a legitimate printing business empire.
  6. Gang members have stashes located in local vacant properties, these rotate every 1d4 days.
  7. The gang use organised giant turtle jousting events as a cover to meet rival gangsters and players for parle.
  8. Members play a dare based game that involves drinking increasingly potent vials of poison.
  9. The gangs main gig is transporting huge sums of illicit valuables sown into counterfeit lederhosen.
  10. The gang bribe the pixies and faeries who live beneath the streets to regularly change the direction of signposts they maintain, to throw off anyone not familiar with their territory during critical moments.

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