Sunday 1 September 2013

D30 - Day 1 How you got started

How you got started

I think it was around '94 with this awesome box of goodness :

Heres the link to it over at, its basically a variant of HeroQuest (or at least that how I remember it) it also came with a VHS that i think we watched once, maybe. It was definitely the gateway drug for rpg's for me as you were able to photocopy the blank maps and create new scenarios for your players. I remember spending many happy saturdays round my friends house painting the miniatures and playing through the different scenarios until it was time for my parents to pick me up.

I remember some of the other box sets, the classic red dragon on black box rings a bell, but this is definitely the one I remember vividly.

After that my next 'proper' systems was AD&D, I was definitely a kid of the TSR 90's golden era. I've still got the 3 black books and they take pride of place on my bookshelf as my first edition of 'the game'. And from there all sorts at school: Vampire, Heavy Gear, Dark Sun Al-Quadim, Cyberpunk and a few others i cant remember -  But it was definitely Dragonstrike that got me hooked.

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