Tuesday 17 September 2013

D30 - Days 12-17

I've been a little slack what with working late and being generally swamped so i've let the D30 challenge slide a little. Never fear im doing a cathup!

12 - Favourite Dungeon Type 

I like tombs, they're pretty cool - but they get old fast. What about a tomb in the astral plane? Perhaps set inside the consciousness of  an unborn god? Dont ask me how that works but its cooler than just a regular tomb.

13 - Favourite Trap/Puzzle

I haven't run this yet, but I like the idea - its bastardised from an encounter in "Halls of the Undermountain' A room of mirrors, when the PC's enter make sure you impress upon them how grand and opulent the room is, each wall has a tall mirror on it. When the players enter have their reflections come alive, out of the mirrors and attack them. Pretty standard right? Here's the twist. Have their reflections kills them, total party kill. Breaking the mirrors doesn't help, nor does doing damage. And you should seal them in too.Then when they think they're all dead, have them wake up at full HP. But this time describe the room in a dilapidated state, a shell just remnants of its former glory.

The PC's wont trust anything in the dungeon from that point onwards.

14 - Favourite NPC

This is a hard one, There are several NPC's i've got a soft spot for. My current favourite is Manfred Copperspark - a homebrew creation, part friend, part thorn in the players side - always mischievous. The players have just decided whether they can trust him or not (they decided they don't know if they can)

15 - Favourite Monster (Undead)

Knock Knock. Who's there? Crawling Hands. Crawling Hands whooOaArghH!

16 - Favourite Monster (Abberations)

Mind Flayers. I'll bet this is a pretty common Favourite. I mean seriously, they have octopuses for HEADS. So much so this was my first monster conversion for 13th AGE here.

17 - Favourite Monster (Animal/Vermin)

Meh. Im not a massive fan of vermin/animal monsters unless its giant albino subterranean crab men hybrids or something equally bizarre.

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