Wednesday 11 September 2013

D30 - Day10/11 Craziest thing/Favourite Adventure

I didn't get a chance to do yesterdays - so i'll blog it today.

Craziest thing that's happened that you saw (to party/character/your players etc)

This ones pretty easy, my wife went into labour whilst I was running a game of 4e. Labour can take a long time, Our (I say our, I really mean my wife's) first was around 30 hours. So when she got the signs that our second was on the way - we were advised that we might be in for a wait and I ,y wife suggested I should continue with my normal saturday night game as planned. Half an hour into the game I got a phone call that actually I better come down to the hospital. Thats not an everyday D&D story right? And hopefully doesn't make me look like a giant chauvinist either (she told me to play okay??)

Favourite Adventure I've run

A hard one this, I can tell you which adventure I hated - Pyramid of Shadows. The players are locked into essentially what is a old school wacky mega dungeon until the BBEG is defeated, and whilst thats not a problem (its actually kinda fun premise) mix that in with 4E which is a system where combats can be excruciatingly long - and you got a module that can take weeks and weeks to complete (with no respite). Not fun. Although I may try and run this in 13A or Next.

Favourite? There are too many highlights to pick but a recent favourite was the Mines of Madness. I ran it for my group on my birthday weekend, we pulled an all day'er - which is rare (we normally play in the evening) got some beers and ate cake, the silliness and old school feeling of the dungeon fitted the occasion perfectly. Great fun was had by all. We'd been playing 4e since 2008 at this point so a old school romp was a breath of fresh air. Good times.

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