Wednesday 4 September 2013

D20 Icons - Piercer

Each week I'll be taking a crack at converting some of the most iconic d20 monsters that, for one reason or another didn't appear in the awesome 13th Age Core rulebook. This week - Mollusc? Rock? Who knows, it's a Piercer.

Level 2 (Creature Hazard)
Init: -
HP: 28  AC: 18  PD: 14 MD: 11

Impale : +7 vs AC - 14 damage and the target is stuck save ends, every failed save deals 7 damage

Spot : The Piercer remains completely hidden unless spotted with a successful Hard difficulty Wisdom backgroundUntil the Piercer is spotted it has +4 to its Impale attack bonus.

Trigger : When a creature moves and they have moved underneath the Piercer it makes a Impale attack.

Crawl : Once a Piercer has a made an Impale attack it is effectively inert, all it can do is make a slow crawl to return to its position on the cave ceiling which take approximately 60 minutes depending on the size of the room - During this time the Piercer is Helpless.

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