Wednesday 11 September 2013

D20 Icons - Helmed Horror

Each week I'll be taking a crack at converting some of the most iconic d20 monsters that, for one reason or another didn't appear in the awesome 13th Age Core rulebook. This week - Helmed Horrors

Helmed Horror
Level 1 (Construct)
Init: +4
HP: 27  AC: 17  PD: 16  MD: 11

Flaming Greatsword : +6 vs AC - 7 damage, the Horror may choose to deal fire damage instead of untyped damage.

Heavy Crossbow +6 vs. PD (1 nearby enemy) - 8 damage.

Enchanted Strike : Once per battle when a creature is hit by the horror it takes additional 6 damage and the horror teleports itself and the creature far away as a free action. The creature ends this teleportation engaged with the horror.

Arcane regeneration 4 : Once per per turn as a quick action the Horror may heal 4 hit points. It may do this 4 times per battle.

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