Saturday 12 October 2013

GM Kit: Magic Items

This is part of my steadily expanding GM Kit series of blog posts, mostly concerning (but not limited to) 13th Age. I play either online via Roll20 or during my weekly face to face game and either way i'll be using a laptop. The GM Kit series is designed to get all my tables and useful info all in one place. Hopefully you can get some use out of it too.

Here are some random magic items, either artefacts with personalities or functional magical tools all sought after by adventurers, wanderers and curious folk.

Minor Items - Roll D100

Roll D100
Minor Magic Items
Runic Bandages : Use of these bandages allows a player to max out one recovery roll whilst resting.
Belt of Great Strength : Whilst worn a PC gains +1 on all strength related rolls.
Bracers of Protection : Whilst worn they grant +1 AC.
Brooch of Disruption : This item will absorb upto 20 damage per day.
Hearthspark : This glass bead will transfor into a campfire when a command word is spoken, burning for 8 hours. When done or commanded to, it transform back into a glass bead.
Ironweave Cloak : Whilst worn this grants +1 PD
Dust of Semblance : If sprinkled on a creature, the target is disguised as if they've had Disguise Self cast upon them.
Primordial Amber : If crushed Primordial Amber will summon an elemental to serve you for roughly 5 minutes. The colour of the amber indicates the type of elemental.
Dragonbreath Tonic : After consumption a creature may breath fire on 1d4 creatures This last 1 hour or upto 3 times (only once per battle)
Veiling Tonic : After consumption a creature gains +5 to stealth checks for 1 hour.
Aquatic Tonic : After consumption a creature gains +5 to swimming checks for 1 hour.
Tonic of Clarity : After consumption a creature gains +5 to perception checks for 1 hour.
Wizards Palm : This mummified hand on a chain allows the wearer to cast the Mage Hand cantrip upto once per round.
Fearless Tabard : Whilst worn a PC ignores any creature fear aura if they are of the same level or lower.
Pearl of Augury : After a battle this item can be crushed enableing the user to recharge one daily spell.
Lubricious unguent : After application a creature cannot be grabbed for the next 8 hours
Argent Luster : After application to a weapon it acts as if made of silver for the purposes of attacks, for example against creatures such as werewolves. This last 1 hour.
Willow's Acorn : This acorn will transform into a mighty oak upon saying the command word, and is a fully living plant.            

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