Sunday 20 October 2013

We came for the loot, We stayed because we died..

I've started running a VTT via Roll20 - a classic pick up and play mega-dungeon experience run with the 13th age ruleset.

"The purpose for this is I know regular gaming can be tough, so I want to provide an opportunity for people to get involved if and when they can. The megadungeon is great setting for this - theres ongoing continuity for those who need it and episodic stand alone play for those who cant make that often. Each week is a new delve, going in at the start of the evening and trying to make it out at the end. You can change your character each week or, should you choose, stick with the same one forever."

So if you're interested in rolling up a character, delving a dungeon and hopefully making it out alive let me know. There's already some interest building over at Roll20 so it would be nice to extend the invitation to anyone (and i know there are at least a couple!) who reads the blog.

Visit the Roll20 thread here - or get me on G+ here

Happy gaming

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