Sunday 6 October 2013

13A Random Tables: Magical Fountains

I was in the middle of a game and I needed a magical effect from drinking the water in a fountain, couldn't find a great one* so i've decided to make one (some of the effects aren't all positive)

Roll a D20

  1. Drinker gains Darkvision for the next hour.
  2. Drinker loses a Recovery.
  3. Drinker begins to petrify, roll Last Gasp Saves. If the water is drunk again this removes the petrification.
  4. Drinker gains a Recovery.
  5. Drinker receives -2 to their next d20 roll.
  6. Drinker gains +2 to their next d20 roll.
  7. The drinkers hands emit a holy radiance, they gain 2 uses of the 'Lay on Hands' spell.
  8. The next time the drinker spends a recovery they can max one dice rolled.
  9. The next time the drinker spends a recovery they lose HP equal to the highest dice rolled.
  10. The drinker makes no sound when attempting to move silently for the next hour.
  11. Drinker loses any special vision (Low-Light, Darkvision etc) for the next hour.
  12. The drinker gains a fear aura (of equivalent level on the monster stats chart)
  13. When the escalation dice is odd, you can re-roll one d20 per turn.
  14. When the escalation dice is even you can max out one damage dice rolled.
  15. The player may re-roll one relationship dice this session
  16. The next time they roll a 6 on a relationship dice, its actually a 5.
  17. The drinker is healed to full hitpoints
  18. The drinker is reduced to 50% (if lower than 50% already no effect)
  19. Drinker is immune to petrification for the next hour.
  20. The drinker gains a +2 bonus to PD and MD during the next battle.
You should decide how many uses the fountain contains, and how often it refills (perhaps don't give everybody the opportunity - it might encourage tactical discussion) and whether the water can be bottled and taken away for use later.

Keep the suspense

I also strongly encourage you add some RP fluff when handing out the above effects - a +2 to a roll is ok, but pretty boring really. Tell the players they feel quicker and more alert than before, don't reveal the effect until they make the roll. This will help prevent the fountain from becoming a magical effect dispenser to an actual artefact worthy of reverence or fear.

Until next time.

*I make no assertion that mine is any better, it just suits my needs. 

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