Thursday 17 October 2013

My Maps - Ysarn

A while back I posted a completed 4e (Mike Schley) Style Map Template, so far I've had no use to create anymore maps - my players have been happily exploring a large continent, but time has come to head across the seas in search of adventure. I present to you, Ysarn. (Hint: Right Click > Open in new tab)

I've not put any details on there yet, bar a few interesting things I wanted 'hardcoded' into the geography (such as the river and a few oasis dotted about) as usual i'll take my fluid 'creation upon necessity' approach whereby elements are added as needed for player and story purposes. If you want some good guidelines i'll write a post about it at some stage (if there's interest)

Feel free to print copy/mangle as you see fit.

Have fun - Dave

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